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Steps leading up from new housing to Milngavie Road, no ramps for cycles, pushchairs, wheelchairs etc etc. A disgrace for such a new development!!

Beech trees planted on public land now blocking over 60% of the pavement, no room for pushchairs, wheelchairs etc.

Encroachment of fence and shrubs blocking the pavement on a dangerous corner

Give priority on this traffic lights to the pedestrians instead of the cars. Especially as it is so close to the primary school.

This is Baljaffray primary school. But emphasis is put on cars. The car access is heading directly to the main school entrance. Whereas all pupils have to come "through the back door". Make the Main access a pedestrian access and move the c ... [more]

If this section of New Kirk Road would be closed for cars, space for people in the heart of Bearsden would be generated.

A completely traffic free and family friendly connection between Mosshead and Milngavie. Now widen and pave to make it cyclable. So we could use it to cycle safely to the Allander Leisure centre with the kids.

Great, that this vital connection towards Baljaffray was looked at and paved for pedestrians. Now add a ramp for cyclists, but also wheelchairs, parents with prams, elderly on mobility scooters.

The road is easily wide enough to create a segregated cycle lane here, especially towards Canniesburn roundabout, where car congestion stops cyclists.

Cycle lanes would be great. Kids are being encouraged to walk/cycle or scooter to schools once they reopen, but the roads are not bike safe for kids.

Cycle lanes on major road

Better lighting to allow commuting in winter

Add traffic lights to allow children to walk to school

Make sure developers allow new houses to be permeable so riders can avoid the wide and fast South Crosshill Road

Terrible potholed roundabout with no provision for cyclists especially with motorists coming from the switchback as cyclist will be unsighted until the last moment & there are quick lane changes which could cause cyclists problems.

Very busy with young families and cyclists. Less than 2m

Northbound A81: intimidating lane change required for cyclists to stay on A81. The spped limit here is 40mph and it can be scary for cyclists to manouver into the right hand lane to carry on north on the A81, with cars coming up dangerousl ... [more]

Shared use street redesign and slowed traffic past Hillfoot station. I understand that the Bears Way was stopped just north of here because of concern about parking loss near train station and ammenities. However there is space on the roa ... [more]

South of the Hillfoot station narrower piece or road and parking that was 'controversial' for the Bears Way (e.g. from Asda south) there is easily enough road width for a segregated cyclelane to extent to the Glasgow City boundary and onwar ... [more]

The road surface to cycleways both sides of road are extremely poor. Resurface.

Clearer signage indicating cyclists priority at road crossing on entry from Milngavie Rd into Allander sports centre estate. Most cars do not realise or not not care that they have to give way

A permanent link extension of the existing Bears Way passed Hillfoot shops and train station and passed Boclair House and Asda supermarket where traffic is busy and dangerous so that it joins with the route into Glasgow city centre. This br ... [more]

Kimardinny Ave used as rat run by speeding cars. Please shut to allow locals to access the loch in a safely.

Cycleway ends and forces all into path of traffic with only very old paint on the road that pre-date placement of lights - no protection esp. given that this "links" bearsway to shops.

Cycle lane shut - making all users go onto main road just at the point when trucks and vans turn into builders yard. Need to improve the add space on the road or fix the lane ASAP.

Cycling along the switchback at busy times is horrible. Making space for bikes would link up Bearsden to GWR. Could even join up to Bearsway!

Incorrect 'hazard' tactiles used for a road crossing.

The path to Stockiemuir Road, and across to the Baljaffray estate, could easily be upgraded for cycling, along with the rest of the route from the Allander Centre.

A damaged directions sign at the path junction near Cromarty Crescent. The path to the right is unsurfaced.

Some very poor cycle parking stands at Westerton Hall & Library.

A severe barrier on the path between Duncryne Place, Bishopbriggs and Ashgill Road, Glasgow.

Randomly placed bollards leading up to the main event.

A very poor access ramp between the Forth & Clyde Canal towpath and Glendinning Road.

The path alongside the Bishopbriggs side of the canal is quite muddy in places. On the right, a gate across access to the Thomas Muir Trail path across the Bishopbriggs Burn.

If that narrow muddy path is worth signing as a route for people to follow, it is worth rebuilding the path so it isn't narrow and muddy, with added nettles and brambles across it!

Largely pointless gate and step-through bypass.

The path on the opposite side of the canal from NCN754 isn't surfaced, but connects to some houses at Aultbea Street that wouldn't otherwise have direct access along the canal. The path is quite muddy in places, but continues as far as Lamb ... [more]

The same cycle route seen in #88255, with this interesting feature across the road.

A 'No Through Road' and a cycle route. Is it a through route for cycles then? See #88256 to decide.

It would be useful to have a dropped kerb on the opposite side of the divider, or better still a proper signalised crossing, to allow easier access between this side road of Kirkintilloch Road and Meadowburn. (The ASDA superstore is off to ... [more]

It's almost as if they don't want people cycling to the main north-south path through the housing development (see for contrast #88251).

This box surely didn't need to be placed right in the way of the path, creating a blind corner?

The "except cycles" panels on these "No Through Road" signs are still covered up, even though this part of the interim Bears Way route has been complete for some time.

No sign at the turn into Cluny Avenue, on the interim Bears Way route. The previous time I came through here there was a direction sign on the lamppost, but it had been damaged by passing traffic, since it stuck out into the carriageway ... [more]

No sign on the turn into Cluny Drive, other than "No Through Road except cycles", on the Bears Way interim route.

Messy kerbs at Garscube Mill on what is now a shared-use footway alongside Maryhill Road.

Wet slippery paving slabs at the top of the ramp down to the canal path in Kirkintilloch. The chap seen in the distance slipped and fell to the ground, but was able to pick himself up and carry on.

The end of phase 1 of the Bears Way cycle route, and having had priority at numerous junctions, this Give Way means cyclists will have to stop for cars turning into Burnmouth Place. The old cycle lane continues for only a few metres beyo ... [more]

After digging around in the leaves, this member of the study tour found a dropped kerb that may have been intended to allow cyclists to leave the carriageway and use the traffic island crossing to get across the road. But there is no signag ... [more]

The end of phase 1 of the Bears Way cycle route, and priority over turning traffic at junctions is immediately lost with this Give Way. This is also the point where northbound cyclists are meant to cross the road to use the cycle track. ... [more]

No cycle parking outside shops next to Bears Way cycleway. Maybe there's some round the back in the car park, but some here would be more obvious for anyone who cared to stop.

A gully right in the middle of the Bears Way cycle track at a bend near the Allander Sports Centre access road junction.

No dedicated space for cycling on this section of busy Milngavie Road has led to this chap riding along the footway.

Traffic on Milngavie Road. The cars on the outside are in a queue for the right turn into Asda.

Following on from #70935, once across the footway, cyclists are provided with a painted cycle lane that follows a right-angled bend around the end of Southgate, before heading towards Park Road. But there will always be parked cars here. Su ... [more]

I'm assuming this facility has been put in so cyclists going to Park Road can bypass the traffic lights by proceeding into Southgate (see #70936), but if they have to dismount, what's the point? They can bypass the lights by dismounting the ... [more]

Such a nonsense to put a painted kerbside cycle lane in a dead-end (for motors) street that is always going to be full of residential car parking.

Ramped steps up from bridge seen in #70911. The path behind the camera is level and it looks like this could have been built as a ramp with a lesser gradient. If the lampposts were moved back into the planted area at least bikes could be ... [more]

Under the main road bridge and the Allander Walkway encounters a flight of steps. No warning that this was going to happen.

'Cyclists Dismount' signs either side of a small bridge over the Allander Water, and signs for the Allander Way. No dropped kerb to get out of car park either.

Road closure in Keystone Avenue, 'No Motor Vehicles' sign and route sign including cycling information, but no dropped kerb for cycling. As if the turn off of the A81 Glasgow Road wasn't awkward enough!

'Cyclists Dismount' signs either side of a wide footbridge. This location is actually very close to the Allander Leisure Centre, separated only by the railway line. A link under the railway here would be very useful (see also #70948).

Gate, barrier and a big puddle where people have gone around the end of the wall, on the Strathkelvin Railway Path. Also, the sign (seen in #68168 closeup) still shows old route of path, now built over by the Kirkintilloch Initiative Road.

A path to Calfmuir Road, with stile, that is rough and no use for cycling. Better stick to the Strathkelvin Railway Path.

A poor surface on path built to replace Strathkelvin Railway Path built over by Kirkintilloch Initiative road scheme, only suited for leisure use rather than commuting.

A poor surface on path built to replace Strathkelvin Railway Path built over by Kirkintilloch Initiative road scheme.

Sign wrongly identifies the southern part of the Strathkelvin Railway Path as being NCN75. It is proposed to make it NCN755 at some point.

Not only is the southern section of the Strathkelvin Railway Path diverted (due to the Kirkintilloch Initiative Road) and unsurfaced, but users have to go around a crash barrier to get to it!

Lots of space dedicated to motoring with pedestrians and cyclists caged in on split pedestrian crossing (not even a toucan crossing).

The cycle route crosses the newly built Kirkintilloch Initiative Road on a split pedestrian crossing, rather than a toucan crossing.

Pathetically narrow shared-use footway past bus stop, with lamppost and railings further obstructing it. The group on the opposite footway would have to walk single file to get past this! But this is meant to be a purpose built cycleway, bu ... [more]

On-road cycle lanes in Lenzie, with centre-line removal. The road isn't wide enough for cycle lanes and general traffic lanes so drivers drive in the cycle lanes, at least where there aren't parked cars in them.

As the diversion of the Strathkelvin Railway Path is now permanent (due to the building of the Kirkintilloch Initiative Road), the diversion sign should be removed. There are now permanent signs across the road in any case.

The continuation of the Strathkelvin Railway Path in Industry Street, but no dropped kerb to access path directly from road. However, a nearby dropped kerb allows a short ride along the footway to gain access, with limited sight-lines due t ... [more]

Path surface does not join up on the Strathkelvin Railway Path, with an unsurfaced gap left between the tarmac and the mock railway track section under the canal bridge.

Money spent on some sort of artwork that would be better spent on the Strathkelvin Railway Path surface. The mock railway surface which continues under the canal bridge is getting a bit bumpy and there is full-width ponding on the unsurface ... [more]

Kerb across route of Strathkelvin Railway Path where it leaves the care home car park.

A car parked blocking the Strathkelvin Railway Path crossing on Eastside, forcing users into the road. The bollards in the foreground are the wrong way around, showing red to the offside of approaching drivers, but that's not the importa ... [more]

A new crossing of Eastside has been provided, next to the roundabout, but some motorist has parked on the northern-most part, forcing users into the road.

Junction of the Strathkelvin Railway Path and Canal Street (which links to the Forth & Clyde Canal). Signs here show various destinations for each (although walking to Kirkintilloch Town Centre would be quicker along Eastside in the opposit ... [more]

Lots of signs with tiny writing for the Strathblane Railway Path, the Thomas Muir Trail and the John Muir Way, at junction of NCN 754 and 755, but no destinations signed along the canal.

This is not one or two people leaving their trolleys in the wrong place. This is systematic abuse of the cycle parking by Asda staff while they use the proper trolley storage area for selling gardening produce, and probably in contravention ... [more]

Still in East Dunbartonshire, where they really care about pedestrians & cyclists. #glasgowcycleinfraday

@magnatom technically East Dunbartonshire, but cars parked in cycle lanes on both sides #glasgowcycleinfraday ... @magnatom note woman in gym clothes getting out of car. There were loads of empty spaces in the gym c ... [more]

A car with a bike on the back blocking the cycle lane.

Parking in northbound cycle lane in Milngavie Road. The southbound cycle lane has already finished to make way for official car parking.

The Strathkelvin Railway Path is now a bit overgrown on much of the section between Lennoxtown and Strathblane, making it hard to pass people coming the other way.

New pinch-point on Milngavie Road at Hillfoot station.

Pedestrian Zone - No Vehicles except for loading and disabled badge holders

3 cycle parking stands, 2 of them against wall of public toilets meaning that only one side can be used, and broken uneven surface. Not a great welcome to Milngavie town centre, the start of the West Highland Way and nearest town to Mugdock ... [more]

Fence blocking end of path at Allander Road, forcing cyclists to squeeze through narrow gap to get to dropped kerb and onto road.

Former alignment of path now blocked by new housing development, forcing cyclists and pedestrians heading for Allander Road and Colquhoun Park to detour around it.

Stepped ramp on footbridge over Forth & Clyde Canal at Westerton

Incorrect Sign This sign on the left is out of date. Although the railway path seems to continue a few yards NW, it is now cut off by a road and an impenetrable fence. If you are heading towards Kirkintilloch, you now need to divert off ... [more]

Wheelgrabber cycle parking at Clachan of Campsie

Wheel grabber cycle parking at The Stables, near Kirkintilloch. Next to NCN 754 on Forth & Clyde Canal.

Brand new road with no dropped kerbs at path crossing. Well done Kirkintilloch Initiative!

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